Nicknames and Numbers

Valentino Rossi had a lot of nicknames for his racing career. His first prominent nickname was "Rossifumi", which is a tribute to another biker - Norifumi Abe. Next nickname arose during his races in the class of 250cc. "Valentinik" was a reference to the Italian comic book superhero named Paperinik (born Paperinik). In classes 500cc and MotoGP, Valentino was fixed for the nickname "Doctor", which was attributed to him for his composure and cool driving style of racing, so strikingly different from the dangerous and unpredictable manner of driving that has been inherent in the early grades. There are 2 versions of why Rossi was named "Doctor". The first said that Valentino started using this nickname after earning a degree, which entitles the prefix "Doctor". The second was voiced by his father, Valentino - Graziano Rossi: "Doctor - because ... I do not think that was kind of the exact cause .. but it is beautiful and this is important - Dr. In Italy, when you are talking to someone" doctor " then you show him respect ... It is very important, yes, "Doctor" - it is important ...". But Valentino is usually jokes that the name "Rossi" is very common among doctors in Italy. Rossi is now rarely gets into an accident and he holds the record for the number of continuous podiums. Starting Sept. 8, 2002 by April 18, 2004 he found himself on the podium 23 races in a row, including the 2003 season entirely.

Valentino Rossi his career biker appeared at number 46. He explains his choice so that the same number was the Japanese rider Norifume Abe, acting on wildcart, which Valentino saw on TV during a wet race, when Abe was overtaken many regular riders of other teams. Later, Rossi found that the same number was his father, when he won his first of three victories in the championship race. Usually, the winner of the championship (as well as drivers who rank second and third place) is awarded the number 1 (respectively 2 and 3) the next season. However, Rossi did not part with his neznamenitym 46-th number throughout their careers. The text on his helmet corresponds to the name of his friends: "The Tribe of the Chihuahua". Also in the design of his racing suit traditionally present his favorite color (bright yellow), and before the 2007 season, Rossi on the shoulder of his suit worn reserved for championship number 1. Former team-mate Rossi Colin Edwards spoke to him «GOAT» («Greatest Of All Time») - «the best at all times".